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CRL IT Solutions, Recycling and Retail

CRL was developed as a social enterprise in 2008 to collect and process materials for recycling and to trade those recycled materials. The profits are re-invested in employee development and to provide employment whilst enhancing the environment and providing electrical goods to the local community at affordable prices.

A Progressive Social Enterprise

Following the successful growth of our company we have moved to our new factory facility where we have put all our services under one roof. We have our IT Solutions part of the business that covers all IT needs for customers and businesses while our new showroom allows our customers to browse in an open and friendly environment. We have plenty of parking space right outside for your convenience.

CRL has been able to put back into re-use 69% of all IT equipment collected; 44% of all display equipment collected and 20% of all white goods collected.


Core Company Objectives

  • We aim to continually improve the environment in which our employees work and the impact that our activities have on our neighbours and the environment.
  • We have a dedicated fulltime Health & Safety member of staff whose objective is to create a safe working environment for our employees and visitors/members of the public who visit our site.
  • As a recycling company we strive to achieve higher levels of recovery and re-use with a resultant reduction in the quantities of material sent to landfill.
  • Our objective is to re-use and recycle wherever possible all materials utilised in our business activity.
  • We constantly aim to improve the quality of the items and  materials we  sell.

We are committed to setting targets for the reduction of our fuel costs and therefore reducing our carbon footprint.


Why Prevent Electronics from Entering a Landfill?

Some electronic device components contain constituents that, if improperly handled, could be harmful to the environment and its inhabitants. E-waste that is not recycled ends up in the environment. Water is poisoned, air turns toxic, soil becomes dead, and wildlife and plant life suffer.

Certain components of electronics contain measurable amounts of regulated heavy metals, including lead, silver, barium, cadmium and mercury. Many of these metals can be recovered and responsibly disposed of, based upon EPA standards.

Is WEEE classed as hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste refers to anything that’s considered harmful to humans or the environment. Not all WEEE waste is hazardous—it’s only classed as hazardous if it contains certain chemicals or metals.

For example, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lightbulbs are classed as hazardous waste as they contain mercury, whereas LED tubes and bulbs aren’t because they don’t contain any hazardous chemicals.

However, the majority of electronic and electrical devices, including laptops, computers, monitors and photocopiers, contain some form of hazardous material.

There’s a full list of what WEEE is classed as hazardous waste here.

Is the WEEE directive a law?

Yes, since January 2014 the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 have been law in the UK. This means any company producing or distributing electronic or electrical waste needs to comply with the WEEE regulations and ensure the waste is disposed of correctly.

The onus to handle and dispose of the waste correctly is placed on the waste producers and distributors. This is why many retailers offer a free in-store ‘take-back’ scheme so customers can return their electronic or electrical devices back to the shop they bought it from, or agree to take away old electrical or electronic items when delivering or fitting new ones.

If a producer or distributor doesn’t comply with WEEE Regulations then they could face criminal prosecution. 

What items will you collect?

We have a dedicated section on our website ‘What we recycle’. However this is a common question. We take all forms of Electronic items this can range from cookers, hair dryers to PC’s, Laptops and servers. Were very proud of our NO CHERRY PICKING policy and that often gives us the edge over most of our competition.

  • We take all forms of electronics.
  • We don’t cherry pick items – Some companies will only take certain items, often leaving you with equipment that will cost you to dispose of.
  • We have no minimum quantities for collection

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