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Professional IT Solutions

At CRL we have a dedicated workforce that is highly skilled in repairing and refurbishing electronic equipment. Our engineers pride themselves on taking re-usable computer equipment and improving them. We now provide a complete IT service for businesses that want to recycle electronic equipment safely and securely.

Professional IT Solutions

Data sanitisation

At CRL IT Solutions we pride ourselves in ensuring your data is wiped securely using a multiple pass technology called Blancco. Destruction of your hard drive is another option. We would physically drill through the hard drive and finally have it crushed to prevent any further use of the drive. We recommend sanitisation over destruction because:

  • Sanitisation is friendly on the environment.
  • Sanitisation is backed up by £10K liability insurance.
  • The original hardware can be re-used and put back into the community with peace of mind that the original data that was on it, is no longer accessible.

Secure IT collection service

We work closely with businesses throughout Cumbria and are well aware of IT manager concerns when it comes to releasing old computers from their business. We have several safeguards in place to ensure equipment is collected professionally and then processed at our factory in a secure manner. We sanitise all drives whether requested or not to ensure maximum data security.


Why Prevent Electronics from Entering a Landfill?

Some electronic device components contain constituents that, if improperly handled, could be harmful to the environment and its inhabitants. E-waste that is not recycled ends up in the environment. Water is poisoned, air turns toxic, soil becomes dead, and wildlife and plant life suffer.

Certain components of electronics contain measurable amounts of regulated heavy metals, including lead, silver, barium, cadmium and mercury. Many of these metals can be recovered and responsibly disposed of, based upon EPA standards.

Is WEEE classed as hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste refers to anything that’s considered harmful to humans or the environment. Not all WEEE waste is hazardous—it’s only classed as hazardous if it contains certain chemicals or metals.

For example, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lightbulbs are classed as hazardous waste as they contain mercury, whereas LED tubes and bulbs aren’t because they don’t contain any hazardous chemicals.

However, the majority of electronic and electrical devices, including laptops, computers, monitors and photocopiers, contain some form of hazardous material.

There’s a full list of what WEEE is classed as hazardous waste here.

Is the WEEE directive a law?

Yes, since January 2014 the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 have been law in the UK. This means any company producing or distributing electronic or electrical waste needs to comply with the WEEE regulations and ensure the waste is disposed of correctly.

The onus to handle and dispose of the waste correctly is placed on the waste producers and distributors. This is why many retailers offer a free in-store ‘take-back’ scheme so customers can return their electronic or electrical devices back to the shop they bought it from, or agree to take away old electrical or electronic items when delivering or fitting new ones.

If a producer or distributor doesn’t comply with WEEE Regulations then they could face criminal prosecution. 

What items will you collect?

We have a dedicated section on our website ‘What we recycle’. However this is a common question. We take all forms of Electronic items this can range from cookers, hair dryers to PC’s, Laptops and servers. Were very proud of our NO CHERRY PICKING policy and that often gives us the edge over most of our competition.

  • We take all forms of electronics.
  • We don’t cherry pick items – Some companies will only take certain items, often leaving you with equipment that will cost you to dispose of.
  • We have no minimum quantities for collection

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